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The Need for Change

Albert Einstein

Einstein's definition for insanity was: "Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result."

The first step toward achieving greater levels of work-life balance - and overall success - is understanding that you need to change your behavior.

Tools for Personal Change

Breaking old habits

Once you understand the need for change, the next question is, now what? The purpose of success coaching is to help you with the "now what?"

We humans are creatures of habit, but through success coaching and learning tools for behavioral change, you can break old habits, nurture new habits and achieve the success you want in every area of your life.

Overcoming Self-Defeating Programs

Neural Pathways in the brain

Like it or not, your behavior is programmed through the synaptic connections and neural pathways in your brain. Sometimes it can seem as if some people are programmed for failure and others for success; but even those who are successful in one area of their life may be lacking in other important areas. The programs that drive these self-defeating behaviors can keep you from achieving work-life balance.

Our success coaching programs can help you to overcome self-defeating programs by arming you with a plan for success and tools for reprogramming your behavior.

Reprogramming Your Brain for Success

Reprogramming your brain

Success Coaching is all about helping you to reprogram your brain for success. Using powerful tools developed through Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) research, Roger Reece will help you to produce the behavior you need to form new synaptic connections and neural pathways in order to bring about lasting personal change.

The Value of Success Coaching

Getting started with success coaching

Can you achieve the balance and success you want without a coach? Possibly. But success coaching will help you to see what you aren't seeing and to accomplish what you haven't been able to accomplish on your own. Repeating the same behavior, expecting a different result is insanity. Contact us to find out how success coaching can help you add value to your life.

Success Coaching: Achieving Work-Life Balance

Work-Life Balance, career, family

Work-life balance is about achieving success in every area of your life. So how are you doing so far? If you are not where you would like to be, consider getting help from a success coach. Success coaching helps you to look at your life objectively, and to not only define success, but take all the right steps to achieve it. A success coach helps you to see beyond your blind spots. Many successful athletes use personal trainers to help them achieve their personal best. That's the same role a success coach plays in helping you achieve work-life balance.

Roger Reece is a highly effective success coach with an impressive track record. Since 1998 he has been helping top executives, mid-level managers and key contributors from a wide range of businesses and government agencies to achieve success in their careers and in their personal lives. Contact us today for a free telephone consultation with Roger to structure a coaching program that meets your needs.

Who Needs a Success Coach?

Success coaching is designed to help successful people achieve balanced success.

  • If you are successful in some areas of your life but need improvement in others, consider success coaching.
  • If you feel stuck in your career, your personal development or your marriage/family/personal/work relationships, consider success coaching.
  • If you have areas of your life where problems that you haven't been able to solve are threatening your life ecology, consider success coaching.
  • If you have suffered set-backs that you have been unable to recover from, consider success coaching.
  • If you want to improve your performance, increase your motivation and passion, improve your relationships, increase your emotional intelligence, reduce your stress levels, become a better time manager, break old habits, solve family problems, or just become more successful in general, consider success coaching.
  • If you simply feel out of balance, consider success coaching.

Roger Reece will work with you to define a set of coaching goals, including a coaching plan with a specific duration. We can develop a long-term coaching strategy or a short-term, quick-turnaround plan with as few as four one-hour telephone sessions. Let us help you to achieve successful work-life balance.

Achieving Success at Work

Success coaching

If you would like to improve your success at work, success coaching can help you with career development, skill development and performance improvement.

  • You may need help with assertiveness and negotiation skills. Roger Reece can help you to develop your personal power (your ability to influence others) and the credibility you have with your manager, employees and peers.
  • You may need help with your communication, listening and conflict management skills. Roger can help you to be a better communicator - both one-on-one and in front of groups - and he can provide you with tools for managing and resolving workplace conflict.
  • You may need help with your time management and project management skills. Roger can help you implement new tools and techniques for getting more done in less time and for dramatically improving your personal productivity. If your problem is too many late nights and weekends spent working, Roger can help you get it all done within a reasonable work schedule in order to balance your time between work and home.
  • You may need help with your management skills. Roger can help you in the process of building teamwork, improving team ecology, managing disruptive behavior, developing people, correcting employee behavior problems and coaching the members of your team.
  • You may need help with career development. Roger can help you develop a road map for your career, get the next promotion and establish the right relationships with your manager and other managers above you.

Achieving Success at Home

Achieving success at home

If you would like to improve your success at home and in your personal life, success coaching can help you with your relationships, finances, health & fitness, and life goals.

  • You may need help with your marriage/partnership, parenting conflicts, or relationships with family and friends. Roger can provide relationship coaching, counseling and mediation.
  • You may need help with your budgeting, savings and financial planning. Roger can provide you with tools and coaching to set and achieve financial goals.
  • You may need help in dieting, exercising, or overcoming problems/habits such as insomnia, smoking or addictions. Roger can provide coaching with structured programs for improving your health and fitness habits.
  • You may need help with setting and achieving personal development goals such as education, self-improvement, community and spiritual goals. Roger can help you develop a vision, a strategy and the specific, detailed plan (and discipline) you need to succeed.

A Balanced, Holistic, Ecological Approach to Success

Success in life requires a balanced, holistic, ecological approach. A number of successful people are blinded by their success, in certain areas of their lives, to the gaps in other areas. If the gaps are great enough, they can derail your success down the road. If you are aware of success gaps in your life and would like to live a balanced, fully-successful life, contact us today for a free telephone consultation with Roger Reece.

A Success Coaching Introductory Package

If you or members of your team can use a greater degree of success, we offer an introductory telephone or Skype coaching package to get you started. The package includes a DISC behavioral style assessment (for information about DISC, visit and four one-hour coaching sessions. Typically the sessions are scheduled over a two-month period, with time between sessions to use the tools and implement the practices from each round of coaching. After the four sessions are completed, you can determine whether or not to continue with the coaching. We believe you will experience significant, measurable results that will make your decision easy. Contact us for our coaching fee schedule as well as rates for the introductory coaching package.

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